Ensure Dental Protection with Eurasia Dental Lab’s Michigan Splint


Eurasia Dental Lab, a trusted orthodontic appliance manufacturer, offers the Michigan Splint. This hard upper splint provides comprehensive dental protection by covering all the teeth in the upper jaw. Let’s explore the remarkable properties and indications of this innovative product.

Comprehensive Dental Protection

The Michigan Splint, manufactured by Eurasia Dental Lab, provides comprehensive protection for a patient’s teeth, especially on the occlusal surfaces. By covering all the teeth in the upper jaw, it acts as a shield against fractures and the adverse effects of bruxism. Patients can trust in the durability and reliability of the Michigan Splint to safeguard their dental health.

Reducing Teeth Wear and Fracture

One of the key benefits of the Michigan Splint is its ability to reduce teeth wear caused by grinding and clenching. With its hard acrylic (PMMA) resin construction, the splint is less likely to wear down or perforate, ensuring long-lasting protection. Moreover, it offers additional safeguarding for teeth with crowns or large fillings, minimizing the risk of fractures and preserving their integrity.


Eurasia Dental Lab‘s Michigan Splint is a remarkable orthodontic appliance that prioritizes dental protection. Manufactured with high-quality materials and designed to cover all teeth in the upper jaw, this splint ensures comprehensive safeguarding against fractures and the detrimental effects of bruxism. Patients can rely on Eurasia Dental Lab’s expertise and commitment to deliver innovative and reliable dental appliances like the Michigan Splint, contributing to their long-term oral health and well-being.

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