Discover Ultimate Comfort with Horow’s T15 Toilet Bowl with Bidet

Discover Ultimate Comfort with Horow’s T15 Toilet Bowl with Bidet


Experience the pinnacle of bathroom luxury with Horow‘s T15. This innovative fixture combines the best of modern design and advanced technology, offering an exceptional level of hygiene, comfort, and eco-friendliness. Perfect for contemporary homes, the toilet bowl with bidet is designed to enhance your bathroom experience in every way.

Advanced Dual Flush Technology

The T15 toilet bowl with bidet by Horow features a sophisticated dual flush system that allows users to choose between two water volumes: 1.1 GPF or 1.27 GPF. This feature is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly, helping to conserve water without sacrificing performance. The foot sensing mechanism makes it easy and hygienic to operate, providing convenience at your fingertips.

Superior Cleaning with Pre-Wetting Technology

One of the standout features of the Horow T15 is its unique pre-wetting technology. Before each use, a water film is formed on the inner surface of the ceramic toilet bowl, ensuring that stains are washed away more thoroughly. This innovative feature guarantees a cleaner and more hygienic experience, reducing the need for harsh chemical cleaners and making maintenance a breeze.

Enhanced Hygiene with Integrated Bidet

The integrated bidet in the T15 offers a new level of personal hygiene. With adjustable water pressure and temperature control, users can enjoy a customized cleansing experience that is gentle yet effective. This feature not only enhances cleanliness but also provides a refreshing, spa-like sensation every time you use the bathroom. Say goodbye to traditional toilet paper and embrace the superior cleanliness of Horow’s bidet system.


Horow’s T15 is the perfect addition to any modern bathroom. Combining advanced technology, superior hygiene, and eco-friendly features, it offers an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience. Upgrade your bathroom experience with the T15 and enjoy the many benefits it brings. Discover the future of bathroom fixtures with Horow today.


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